Friday, May 29, 2009

What a WebQuest!

A WebQuest is not to be taken lightly. Many others I know seem to wait until the last minute to create the WebQuest. Sure, this can be done with any project; however, this is not my suggestion. How interesting can any assignment, for your students, be if you are not interested in it yourself. Creating vibrant and interesting projects almost assure your student will be keyed into what you are saying and asking of them. What could be easier then students that are paying attention, interested, and eager to learn.

Making a WebQuest seems overwhelming the first time. You are not just making a lesson plan but a visual representation of it as well. Setting the individual parts onto specific web pages allows for the attention to detail needed when designing an internet based research project with a tangible outcome. However, like most things in life once you have done something it becomes easier each time. One thing to remember, is that there are many WebQuests already created you can find by simply googleing WebQuest. Once you use a prepared quest a few times and discover how they work for your classroom you will be drawn into building one of your own. There are blogs designed around WebQuests as well. This blog What is a WebQuest gives you on outline to starting a quest. Follow some of the links within this blog and enjoy all the information (even the award winning WebQuest).

Monday, May 25, 2009

Kidpiration: Chickens

This Kidspiration lesson is designed for third graders to discover through internet usage a variety of ideas. These students are learning to search the internet for specific information. With a little guidance in the right direction through links in their Kidspiration project they will investigate and define the three questions asked. Under the writing view they have the opportunity to create appropriate responses or reflections on their findings.

The Kidspiration software has helped add our classroom to the world of technology our students know. I urge any teacher reading this blog to explore each opportunity you have to incorporate technology. The days of only book and paper have been infused with the excitement offered by technology. The higher the interest of the student the more they will learn throughout their lifetime. This link demonstrates the versatility of Kidspiration beyond your "average" student.

Like we ask of our students keep exploring and keep learning.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Where We Are

This is the first, welcome to where I am! Tell me where you are!! What is your favorite time of day sunrise, mid day, or sunset? Maybe, you are a full moon, midnight kind of a person. There have been nights where I walked around in my back yard enjoying the solitude. This is the place to share any thought, keep it appropriate please, that you might have. Enjoy my site and post me a comment if there is something you want to share or want me to share.