Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Games What Technology?

The educational games sites are a useful tool in the classroom. During the elementary level we will spend various days indoors and need to have activities generated for our students to use. Many enjoy playing computer games (even educational ones). The site Academic Skills Builder has a variety of games that teach things like states and capitols, parts of speech, comparing fractions, and ratios. There are other sites like Cool Math Games which have some games that seem less educational but we must remember all people learn differently. You may have educational games on CD that you have not been able to use because of copy right issues on your school computers. The fact you bought it for a single use in your home means you will not be able to use it for the many students over the years you teach that may use it. There are many free online sites that have similar learning games you can use. Even during a unit, for instance on language or math the numerous games at academic skills builder are perfect. What a great break from the “norm” and an exciting, enjoyable way for children to learn.

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