Monday, June 15, 2009

The World of Video!

The idea of teaching and interacting with the class at the same time has its advantages. Besides, what student has not shown enjoyment of seeing themselves or any other member of their class, including the teacher, on television or video. The excitement in the classroom is a great starting point for developing fun ideas and creating interest in the subject. As long as you are having fun your students will be having fun also. Making this video, I will admit, was scary at first. However, once you have done it and discovered how easy it can actually be you will be eager to do it again. Then, try letting your students make videos. They might even be able to show you tips. I always recommend that we as teachers have a comfortable understanding of how software works first however. There is nothing worse then having a student ask you a question and it take twenty minutes to figure out what the answer should be.

One issue that can be hard to determine when it come to video or other image use in the classroom is copyright. This site has many guidelines and places to look for information concerning PodCasts or where to get images like Visit Video's In The and visit all the heading links to the site. There is a variety of excellent information and demonstrations.

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