Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Google - Who Needs More!

Google, not just a boring search engine. Things we do not know about Google is vast. Where was I when the turnip truck stopped because I missed the whole thing. I cannot think of a reason to go anywhere else but Google. As a digital immigrant I guess I just do not click around sites very much, which can be a big mistake at Google. When we are teaching our students about Google posters come in handy go to Google educators/posters and find for FREE what you need there. Google is not just for Web, Images, Video, News, or Maps - click on that more drop down that comes next and see what is there. But, don't, stop at that go to even more at the end to find the amazing variety of uses Google has for you. Down the second column is a tool called Translator. If, you have a student that speaks a different language or more specifically their parent does not speak English, you can type a document in the translator and it will come out in your target language. Also, if the parent writes you, copy the text into the translator to discover what it says. Not a fan of Wiki's try Google Knol is is in the more, even more section too. Tell us what you know is the idea, and discover things on many different topics. Another excellent use of this Google technology in the classroom is developing your own Google search engine. This allows you or your collaboration team to copy and paste web sites appropriate for your topic without the fear of students stumbling around on the web into places we do not want them. Besides, by having a pre-build search engine you know the information they find will be accurate. Listen to this presentation about Google from Classroom 2.0 Live and select the listen to full version you like best, to learn even more.

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